Support 1

Volunteer Work & Donations


Jobs List

  • Repair or remove cemetery border
  • Patch/repair roof above cooks quarters
  • Remove dead plants around lake & remaining fallen trees around camp
  • Begin painting buildings with donated paint
  • Paint and improve aesthetics of lodge, private rooms
  • Install screen on upstairs chapel door
  • Install door for outside access for dining in lodge
  • Remove trees outside of lodge for better lake view
  • Install new serving counter-tops in lodge
  • Paint bunks in upstairs chapel
  • Repair & paint shop exterior
  • Build shop shutters
  • Add additional group meeting areas in forest around camp


“Donation Opportunities

  • Earth-tone carpet remnants 12 x 17 $500.
  • Replace shingle roofing with tin on three cabins $3K.
  • Cement work in front of chapel $400.
  • Paint for buildings $2000.
  • Lodge roof repair $5K.
  • Carpet 4 rooms $2K.
  • Sand for beach/swim area $3K.
  • Twin mattresses $1.5K.
  • New basketball backboards $90.
  • New black-oak counter-top for serving in lodge $500.
  • Install large water fountain in lake $200.
  • Open lodge wall for outside eating with lake view $200.
  • Build outside “Large Group” BBQ eating area $200.
  • Build outside amphitheater for large groups to gather $200.
  • Min. 40′ Boom Lift $15K


Jobs Completed 2020


  • Tent cabin cement floors leveled
  • One tent cabin completely rebuilt
  • Bathhouse stalls fixed and tightened
  • Roof flues repaired or replaced
  • Some downed trees removed
  • Wiring and installation of new deep fryer in kitchen
  • Replaced ballasts in kitchen
  • Thorough cleaning of kitchen vent screens
  • Drains installed on fuel tank basins
  • New dishwasher installed
  • New walkway steps from lodge to generators
  • New lights installed on walkway to generator
  • Front gate repaired
  • Director’s cabin door repaired
  • Cemetery debris cleaned off
  • New foam soap dispensers installed
  • Lawn sprinkler heads fixed
  • Cooks quarters ceiling repaired & textured
  • Main kitchen sink leveled for better drainage
  • Lodge flu replaced and painted
  • New walkway lights installed
  • Lawn mower and golf cart repaired
  • Shop cleaned and tools/misc. organized
  • Lodge exterior metal beams painted
  • “Big Top” support poles repaired & better engineered
  • Roof above cooks quarters resealed
  • BBQ trailer/grill repaired