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Volunteer Work & Donations


Jobs List

  • Repair or remove cemetery border
  • Remove dead plants and trim bushes around lake area
  • Paint and improve aesthetics of lodge interior & private rooms
  • Install door and establish eating area outside of lodge, towards lake
  • Remove trees between lodge and lake for better lake view
  • Paint bunks 
  • Paint shop exterior
  • Add amphitheater/meeting areas in forest 
  • Install “wafer” ceiling lights in chapel

“Large Ticket” / Donation Opportunities

    • Under the counter commercial ice maker
    • Commercial convection oven
    • Commercial double refrigerator
    • 6 Earth-tone carpet remnants 12′ x 20′
    • Replace shingle roofing with tin on three cabins
    • Cement work (stairs) in front of chapel
    • 40 gallons of brown, satin “Sable” Sherwin Williams paint
    • Sand for beach/swim area & volleyball court
    • 10 twin mattresses
    • Equipment for two Pickleball courts
    • 65′ boom lift